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Lewis Lansford - Engaging ears, eyes, brains and minds: Authentic listening at every level


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Hetain Patel - What do you read into accents? followed by Group Panel Discussion with:

Simon Thorley
Assistance Director of Studies
British Council Madrid
Beatriz Narbona
Universidad Autónoma Madrid
Associate Professor and Erasmus Coordinator




Lewis Lansford

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 1988 with a degree in English Literature, Lewis taught English in Spain for six months. Realising he loved the work but wanted to be better at it, he returned to the States and earned a Master's degree in TESOL (University of Arizona, 1991), which led to teaching academic and professional English in the US and Japan.

He moved into publishing full time in 1995 as an editor with Longman Asia in Hong Kong, and has since developed, edited, consulted on, and written materials at all levels for learners around the world. He also has taught materials development to graduate students at the University of Durham.

He's actively involved in publishing for a diverse group of English learners and training teachers globally. His latest project with National Geographic Cengage Learning is Keynote - the first British English publication that uses the TEDTalks.

Hetain Patel

Hetain Patel is a conceptual artist whose TED Talk 'Who am I? Think again' challenged ideas of cultural identity and roots. "What determines our identities anyway?" asks Hetain Patel. As a child, Patel wanted to be like Spider-Man or Bruce Lee; later, he aimed to be more like his father, who displays a much different kind of bravery. As a conceptual artist, Patel has used photography, sculpture, installation and performance to challenge cultural identity. For his work, he has grown a mustache exactly like the one his father wore when he emigrated from India to the United Kingdom in the 1960s, and remixed the practice henna tattooing to incorporate English words and comics books. Patel's conclusion about identity: that it is an ever-shifting game of imitation.

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